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Audiotransparent is a Dutch indie pop band, with influences from several genres, including americanapop and rock.[1] They formed in 2002, and made their debut in 2003 with their self-titled album Audiotransparent, which received positive reviews.[citation needed]
In 2005, they released their second album, nevland, named after the Danish striker Erik Nevland, who played for FC Groningen until 2007. This album was released after some changes in their line-up.
Their third album, Chekhov Guns, was released in 2009, after two years of recording in a fully analog studio, in which “all habits and rules were thrown overboard”, and the band tried to focus on “what works for the song”. The band faced several issues, including divorce, changing friendships and cancer, which form the leading themes for the songs.[2]
As of 2005 (after releasing nevland), their line-up features Bart Looman, lead singer, on guitar and bass guitar, Wessel Spijkerman on drums, Gijs van Veldhuizen on guitar, synthesizer and sampler, Andreas Willemse on piano, synthesizer and violin, and Chris van der Ploeg on guitar.
On stage they are often supported by Hanneke Rolden on violin, Sebastiaan Wiering (who also performs with Chris van der Ploeg and Gijs van Veldhuizen in Kendler) on cello andRogier Vroom on trumpet.



Collaboration and side projects [edit]

Bart Looman plays the bass during live shows of At the close of every day and is a singer and guitarist in The Fire Harvest. Andreas Willemse has performed with, among others, Lawn, and is a member of Utrecht-based Novack. Michel Weber is a former drummer ofBenjamin B. Gijs van Veldhuizen is the frontman for Kendler, in which Chris van der Ploeg (guitar) and Sebastiaan Wiering (bass/cello) play as well. Chris is also performing solo as I Took Your Name. In the song "You are a movie", audiotransparent collaborates with Tony Dekker (vocals) and Erik Arnesen (banjo), who both play in the Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers.

Nomenclature of the songs on Chekhov Guns [edit]

From their website:[2]
According to the russian playwriter Anton Tsjechov a gun that’s presented in the first act of a play must go off in the fifth. audiotransparent searches for the writings on the wall and glues the pieces togerther after the blast. After adultery (communication cord), divorce (castles), changings friendships (you are a movie), cancer (best laid plans) en death (far away) comes the love of the classic love song cover “never let her slip away”, en then it turns out that shards actually bring happiness….


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