Wednesday, June 05, 2013

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Alternative country-rock unit Slobberbone comprised singer/guitaristBrent Best, lead guitarist Jess Barr, bassist Brian Lane, and drummerTony Harper. Formed in Denton, TX, in early 1992, the group originally approached their music with the same seriousness with which they chose their name (a reference to a dog's chew toy, incidentally), gigging in the pursuit of free beer and little else; their first live show, in fact, was even held at an area liquor store. However, in 1995 Slobberboneself-released an LP titled Crow Pot Pie that caught the attention of Doolittle Records founder Jeff Cole, who quickly signed the band; in 1997 they issued their sophomore effort, Barrel ChestedEverything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today followed on the New West imprint three years later. After hooking up with producer Don Smith, the band recorded Slippage in the spring of 2002 for a summer release. The band played its final show in Denton TX, and BestBarr, and Harper went on to form a group called the Drams.

final Show

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