Wednesday, March 27, 2013

add 0167

This release by former members of Robert Fripp's League of Crafty Guitarists is filled with both virtuosity and sensitivity. Each member of the ensemble listens and plays well with each other, creating a rich musical sympathy. Various styles of music commingle on this album. For example, there is the delicate baroque-influenced piece, "Prelude Circulation BWV 988." This work simulates the sounds of a harpsichord as the ensemble weaves together a myriad of circular countermelodies.
Other tracks such as "Led Foot" and the title track, "Whitewater" are more complex, angular, and even percussive. Then there is "Cosmo Calypso," a playful tune that invokes the feel and style of Caribbean music. The final track on the album is an intense arrangement of Eddy Arnold's country classic "Ghost Riders in the Sky," which morphs into the Doors classic "Riders on the Storm." The California Guitar Trio moves vigorously through the song's melody, transforming the western ballad into a turbulent gallop. Overall, WHITEWATER unfolds in exciting and often unexpected ways and the trio creates a musical environment that transcends the perceived boundaries of the guitar itself.

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