Monday, June 16, 2014

add 1055 Cox-Miles

During his brief yet legendary career, the albums released during Jimi Hendrix's lifetime could be broken down into two categories -- psychedelic hard rock and funk/soul rock. The latter style could be pinpointed to the 1970 releaseBand of Gypsys, a live recording which saw Hendrix hook up with old pals Billy Cox (guitar) and Buddy Miles (drums), and shy away from the pyrotechnics of his early days in favor of heavy jamming. Thirty-six years after the release of theBand of Gypsys' lone album comes a follow-up, Band of Gypsys Return, on which Hendrix's shoes are filled by such players as Eric GalesKid Rock's Kenny Olson, and Guitar World Magazine's Andy Aledort, among others. Comprised of both studio and live recordings, several Hendrix classics are revisited, as well as a pair of tunes penned by Cox forJimmy Stewart (aka Buzzard), who was a musical influence on Hendrix and Cox (according to Cox's liner notes). For the most part, the renditions of the Hendrix classics follow the original versions closely -- especially Aledort's fine job of re-creating the long-and-winding solos of "Machine Gun," as well as Olson tackling "Stone Free." But elsewhere, tracks like "Manic Depression" get a significant overhauling, and the two aforementioned Stewart tribute tracks, "You've Got the Best in Town" and "Let Your Word Be Your Bond" fit in well. As evidenced by Band of Gypsys Return,Cox and Miles still make up one hell of a rhythm section. [Also included is a DVD, which includes performances, as well as interviews with both Cox and Miles.]


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