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In these me me myspace, facebook, iphone, iLike, i don´t like, omg, lol, like...let´s just say the 00´s desperate search for soul, identity, and melody in a most dischordant world - where can a listener, a lover of fine music go? Answer: Jazzland records. An oasis of talent, the boundary-breaking Norwegian label. A place where music comes first and uncompromising artists are there to guide you though it all. Back to music!
2008 heralds the return of Beady Belle. And wow what a return! Beate S. Lech, ice-queen Jazzland soul smoocher in fine fine form.

A smooth collection of songs, performed, played and produced beautifully by the Beady Belle collective - with special guests Jamie Cullum and India Arie contributing with their unique talents.

A much more warm and organic affair than previous albums nu-jazz flirtations with arctic electronics, this the real McCoy. Beady Belle offering you voice, song, groove, atmo, and most importantly soul in every measure, with a spoonful of blue just to leave you forgetting quite where we you are.

You only have to check the song titles to get clues as to where Beady Belle will take you this time...somewhere on a "Tranquil flight" with "A Touch of Paradise".

The warmer instrumentation is a strong sign too, with ghost elements of blue-grass, multi-layered vocal arrangements, slow grinding grooves, double bass and hand claps. Here the band are stripped to their most soulful to date. Phew, it´s getting warm in here!

Beady Belle, fronted by the eye-catching Beate S. Lech, with Marius Reksjø (bass) and Erik Holm (drums) have released three critically acclaimed albums to date on Jazzland. "Home" (2001), "Cewbeagappic" (2003), and "Closer" (2005) All released worldwide, and together with a vast amount of live performance, nu-jazz gigs and festivals around the globe - the band are slowly building up a strong following.

And yes, confidence is high that this new album, with the carrier single "Intermission" (the sultry duet with Cullum) will indeed provide the break they truly deserve!

Radio airwaves certainly need this, CD players, laptops´s and iPod´s even more so... as once again Beady Belle proudly present an exquisite album in the poppier outer limits of Jazzlandia! Music for music lovers searching for that something special.

From Beady Belle all the way to the listener - expect magic things when you press play! all in the best possible Jazzland taste.

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