Wednesday, October 30, 2013

add 0517 brazilia

Fila Brazillia's debut album established many of the band's ingredients: warped structures building to mild climaxes, a need to explore the absurd end of chill-out without relying on comical extremes, paranoid sample-based polemics working as unified LP concepts, and a host of dance psychotropics waiting in the fringes ready to take everything over the edge. Old Codes, New Chaos may sound restrained compared to the creditable but not always successful moments of band's later eccentricity, but there's also a clean and bracing straightforwardness to its awkward downtempo that was often lacking in the band's slow development. Along with much of its back catalog, Fila Brazillia reissued the 1994 album on its own label, Twentythree, in the middle of 2001, not soon after the release of the band's style-shattering Another Late Night mix effort.


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