Thursday, October 24, 2013

add 0506 16 horsepower

Sixteen Horsepower's second full-length album, Low Estate, finds them at the peak of their powers, moving their hypnotic, rustic country-rock into neo-gothic territory. Producer John Parish helps the group reach its potential, accentuating the darkness and mystery inherent in its music. There are still a few weak moments on the record, but overall, Low Estate is an impressive leap forward for Sixteen Horsepower, an album that clearly separates the band from its alt-country contemporaries.



reverb said...

...Mr Warren, capaz ya los conocés: SKA CUBANO; hace un par de meses compré un disco en Japón en donde estaba dicha banda. Tienen buenas canciones.
Destaque a escuchar (están en ytube-preferencia escuchar NO con los parlantes de la comp): Chango; Soy campesino.

el warren said...

gracias. probaremos