Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Akira Rabelais - Eisoptrophobia

I love this album and i honestly didnt think we'd ever have it back in stock. When I first heard it back in 2001 I wasn’t sure what to make of it;
small subtle compositions constructed with treated piano, covered in dirt, noise and crystalline electronic elements. The more I listened however, the more I became addicted and Rabelais’ moonlit pieces began to soundtrack my evenings. The piano pieces come from very obvious sources, Satie, Bartok and Carte; however it's Rabelais’ computer aided editing (using his custom made software ‘Argephontes Lyre’) which makes them sound so alien. Skip straight to the cover of Satie’s Gymnopedie no.1 (oddly enough also covered lovingly on Isan's excellent new 7" this week) and you'll realise Rabelais’ intense skill in extracting the most intense emotion from a source familiar to most. Beautiful.


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