Friday, September 20, 2013

add 0429 shukar

While a bit late for the main rush of gypsy music imports out of Eastern Europe, the Shukar Collective luckily enough didn't need to ride a trend. The group consists of some traditionalists from the new generation (as well as the older Tamango, the senior of the group) of gypsy musicians playing percussion-based ursari music from Romania. Over the top of that however now lies a layer of electronica, dub, house loops, samples, and more. The trick is in the fusion of the old and new. Solfage reminiscent of tabla players opens up the sound at a breakneck speed. Spoons and bottles infuse the whole. Slower works take in blues aesthetics. It's a highly varied work, but tied together through the sheer power of the groove inherent in the music as well as the looping vocals and percussion of the group itself. For purists, this one may be worth passing by. For those interested in fusion though, this one will be an excellent grab.


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