Monday, September 16, 2013

add 0427 cowboy

Working with producer John Leckie on Miles from Our Home has enlivened the Cowboy Junkies' trademark lackadaisical style somewhat. Replacing the group's calm, minimalist sound with a polished production, Leckiemanages to make the record sound unlike anything else in the band's catalog. That's not to say that there's no trace of the old style -- he has simply updated their sound, bringing it in line with adult alternative pop that they played a part in establishing in the late '80s. If the results aren't as magical as The Trinity Sessions, they're far from disappointing.Margo Timmins' voice remains as enchanting as ever and her brother Michael Timmins' songs are sturdy. There might not be any masterpieces on Miles from Our Home, but there aren't any misfires, either -- it's simply a solid album from a reliable band.


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