Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Gracias a Mariela Gilet

The album is an enjoyable listen from start to finish, with the raw power of lead-woman Tara Lynch commanding the exact rhythm and lead ensemble you'd expect from a band like this to faultless consequence. From the Brown-esque Keep on Running to their surprising cover of the Preset's Talk Like That, the Transatlantics have put together a brilliant set of tracks that completely harnesses their high energy live shows. Low key soul moments like That's When I Feel So Lonely are just as powerful as the blistering funk of Thumbin' It as is the lolloping Turn You Loose. The Transatlantics deserve endless credit for consistency, quality and old-fashioned good times, proving that they can impress just as much through your ear phones as they can from the stage.
Of course, the album is a very strict genre album, if you can say that about an album that crosses two or three genre's. To someone unfamiliar with the two, this could just as easily have been labelled an album by The Bamboos - or Sharon Jones for that matter - without anyone lifting a finger of correction. If you wanted to go that far, you could print it to vinyl, smear it with dust, hide it in an op shop and one of the only giveaways would be the Presets cover once you turn to side two. It's in no way a groundbreaking album, but obviously, it never tries to be. It's an homage to the sounds which make these guys excited about music, and it's that passion and enthusiasm which is so contagious about this record. If you get this album, I put an absolutely seal of guarantee that your head will be bobbing at least once and failing that, you'll be wearing a hole in the sole of your shoe with a tapping foot. It may not be 2010's breakthrough record, but it's damn effective at delivering a groove.  



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