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Cover is a 2009 cover album by Joan as Policewoman. The limited edition physical CD version of the album was sold through Joan's official website and at her live shows. The digital version of the album does not include the opening track "Fire".

[edit]Track Listing

1."Fire(Jimi Hendrix)Jimi Hendrix5:14
2."Overprotected(Britney Spears)Max MartinRami2:53
3."Ringleader Man" (T-Pain)Faheem Najm, Johnny Smith3:34
4."Baby" (Iggy Pop)Iggy Pop, David Bowie4:10
5."Whatever You Like(T.I.)Clifford Harris, James Scheffer, David Siegel4:23
6."Lady" (Adam and the Ants)Adam and the Ants3:15
7."She Watched Channel Zero!?" (Public Enemy)Carlton RidenhourRichard GriffinHank ShockleeEric SadlerWilliam Drayton5:13
8."Sacred Trickster" (Sonic Youth)Sonic Youth2:43
9."Sweet Thing(David Bowie)David Bowie3:13
10."Keeper of the Flame" (Nina Simone)Charles Derringer8:53
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