Sunday, February 16, 2014

add 0773 paris combo

The debut recording by this international French-based group draws their musical influences from many sources. Cabaret and the swing and sweet bands of the '30s and '40s become immediately apparent, and upon further inquiry Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, Spanish guitar, and gypsy music are all evident. An accomplished instrumental lineup including accordion, trumpet, and acoustic jazz guitar helps to facilitate abrupt and frequent stylistic changes. "Moi, Mon Âme et Ma Conscience" is a Cotton Club-styled sizzler performed in the Cab Calloway tradition while "Istanbul" evokes images from its namesake. Guitarist Potzi is a superb Madagascan musician whose expertise lies in the acoustic guitar and who presumably cites Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, and Joe Pass as influences. David Lewis' muted trumpet along with Potzi's gypsy jazz guitar and Belle du Berry's colorful and expressive voice is a wonderful combination and is fully capable of interpreting the music of the world in new and unique ways.


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