Saturday, February 08, 2014

add 0763 accordion tribe

These recordings are taken from various performances from the Accordion Tribe's May 1996 three-week tour through Europe, and the sound quality is that of studio recordings. While the last eight cuts are performed by the full quintet, the beginning of the disc features a constantly varying lineup of Guy Klucevsek, Bratko Bibic, and Otto Lechner (each have a solo), Maria Kalaniemi (has three solos), and Lars Hollmer (composed all the group pieces). There are also mix-and-match duo lineups, one trio, and two quartet combinations. These musicians are masters and they create a unique mix, coming from different accordion backgrounds (folk, jazz, polka). All fans of the accordion must hear Accordion Tribe, which is filled with beautiful pieces, fun pieces, and eye-popping performances.


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