Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ahí van a encontrar info sobre esta serie de NETFLIX, que no es mala, pero la banda de sonido que logró compilar el sujeto autor de la página es más que buena.

EPISODE 1 – Jellyfish in the Sky
 Intro to Roman – Nathan Barr
EPISODE 2 – The Angel
 “Busman’s Holiday” – Allah-Las (roman/peter drive)
 “In Decay” – Phedre (dance)
 “Love Ablaze” – Phedre (dance)
 “Geri” – Superhumanoids (letha/roman drive home)
 “Mississippi Mudd” – Black Blood and the Chocolate Pickles (roman watching peter transform)
 “Cranky Moon” – Sam Shelton (end credits)
EPISODE 3 – The Order of the Dragon
 “Sister Song” – Perfume Genius (roman washing shelly’s feet)
 “Tender Mirror” – Jolie Holland (end credits)
EPISODE 4 – In Poor Taste
 “Did You” – The Morrie Morrison Orchestra w/Alyce Hauser (when roman’s mother is in her bedroom with the vial of liquid)
 “Maybe We’re In Love” – Nathan Mathes (when roman’s mother and peter’s mother are in the little town shop)
 “Use Me” – Beans and Fatback (end credits)
EPISODE 5 – Hello, Handsome
 “Come Back” – TEEN
 “Heart Attack” – Ivan Ives (roman/peter driving after seeing destiny)
EPISODE 6 – The Crucible
 “I Follow You” – Melody’s Echo Chamber (when christina and the twins are in the general storeand when Letha and Peter are eating ice cream)
 “Pays to Know” – MYPET (end credits)
EPISODE 7 – Measure of Disorder
 “One Little Kiss Will Do It” – Bob Kelly (roman in bed with the asian girl from school)
 “The One Thing I Could Lose” – The First Times (roman re-enters the Asian girls room)
 “This Ready Flesh” – Trust (end credits)
EPISODE 8 – Catabasis
 “Dreary Moon” – Big Black Delta (end credits)
EPISODE 9 – What Peter Can Live Without
 “Bad Ritual” – Timber Timbre (end credits)
EPISODE 10 – What God Wants
 “Come and Get It – Problem Child (the twins are dancing in their bedroom)
 “I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) – Icona Pop (when the twins are dancing before they get killed)
 “You Do It Well” – Saint Motel (when Roman and Peter drive away from roman’s house after roman wakes up from his coma)
 “Who Needs Who – Dark Dark Dark (end credits)
EPISODE 11 – The Price
 “Loneliness Ends With Love” – Al Lerner & Margaret Whiting (beginning of episode when christina is sitting quietly on her bed)
 “Love Song” – Hooded Fang (end credits)
EPISODE 12 – Children of the Night
 “Green Sea” – Fear of Men (car scene with letha, peter, roman, and christina)
 “There’s a Sadness In My Heart” – Legs (end credits)
EPISODE 13 – Birth
 “Make Me a Bird” – Elektrik People (when roman is smoking in the empty pool. re-prised during end credits.)
 “People That You Must Remember” – Zulu Winter (when peter is saying goodbye to letha on her front porch)
 “Sister Song” – Perfume Genius (end credits)

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