Tuesday, March 11, 2014

add 788 The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie

What do you get when you combine Erik Satie with a bunch of stoned hippies, a chamber orchestra, and a Moog? It is hard to tell what would happen today, but in the 70s this resulted in the album "The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie, featuring The Moog Synthesizer with The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra", released in 1972 on Deram, a Decca subsidiary.

Here are some excerpts from the liner notes, without comment:
Notes Relating to the Title: "The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie" (Music Mystically Inspired)
Satie was convinced that he was a spirit working under the direct guidance of some medieval cleric whose fanatical piety he had inherited from beyond the grave.
This producer is convinced that he is also a spirit working under the direct guidance of Erik Satie, whose eccentricities and mysticisms have guided him throughout the making of this LP.
Further Proof:
A.) The arranger felt the actual presence of Satie in the room with him while he was scoring. (Erik's spirit would hover around the room and, at times, reach over his shoulder and guide his pencil along the score page, shouting directions in his ear "B flat not B natural, you dummy!") His worst moment was when he added bars to Satie's barless music... (the arranger in this case cannot recall having scored any of the pieces in the LP.)
B.) The presence and guidance of Satie's spirit was never more felt than in the programming and playing of the Moog synthesizer. All the wave forms, modulation mixes, oscillations and permutations have never been duplicated since, and the Moog player, who was entirely unfamiliar with the instrument at the time, has no recollection of having done the album whatsoever!!!!!!!
I mentioned stoned hippies, didn't I? Anyway, let's face the music
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