Friday, August 16, 2013

add 0382 fila brazilia

Just like Kruder & Dorfmeister's excellent K&D SessionsFila Brazillia's Brazilification is a continuous-mix set of down-tempo remixes spanning two discs, and it's just as stellar a compilation of material, too. Though Fila Brazillia doesn't quite have the reputation on the decks, like K&D they'd been not only one of the busiest remixing teams during the late '90s but also one of the best. Freed from the "serious" art of long-form recordings and given a focus by the originals (many of which are pop songs by alternative bands), Cobby and McSherry sound even better here than on their albums (where frequent genre excursions and long jams occasionally make for rather bland trip-hop). As you'd expect from the cover photo, which shows the anoraked pair larking about on a hillside, the duo knows how to have fun as well; they toy with their vocoders to give a hilarious canary-in-a-ring-modulator effect to the vocals of Moloko's Roisin Murphy on their remix of "Lotus Eaters." Though many of the best remixes come on the first disc (Radiohead's "Climbing up the Walls," U.N.K.L.E.'s "Berry Meditation," the Orb's "Toxygene"), one of Brazillia's best moments on wax -- the alternately blissful and drum-heavy rework of Lamb's "Cottonwool" -- finally appears late on the second disc. For those too busy to track down remixes, Brazilification is not only a perfect complement to the Pork Recordings pair but a worthy introduction.


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