Sunday, July 07, 2013

add 0413 ozomatli

Like many late '90s outfits, the Los Angeles-based Ozomatli is an eclectic conglomeration, fusing a wild variety of music. At its core, the group is a dance band, blending funk, hip-hop, Latin rhythms, jazz, salsa, reggae, Tejano, and worldbeat into its sound. It's a busy, heady mix and occasionally there's simply too much going on in the mix for it to be easy to digest. Nevertheless, it's easy to admire a group that challenges the listeners, and Ozomatli certainly do that with their eponymous debut album. Not only is the music dense and exciting, but the lyrics are politically charged and daring, adding substance to the infectious music. The result is an album that is both entertaining and rewarding -- not a bad achievement for a debut.


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