Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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The first Garage a Trois EP (Mysteryfunk) came out of sessions for Stanton Moore's first album, All Kooked Out! While All Kooked Out! was funky and swinging, the Garage a Trois release was all improvised, moodier, and had a darker, dub-like feel. Five years later, after numerous gigs, Garage a Trois is back with Emphasizer, the group's first full-length recording. For this one, Stanton Moore(drums), Skerik (sax, keys), and Charlie Hunter (eight-string guitar) have added percussionist Mike Dillon, and their sound has evolved to somewhere between those first sessions together (All Kooked Out!,Mysteryfunk). There's still plenty of funk and groove, but plenty of extra atmosphere as well, often courtesy of Skerik's excellent analog synth touches (he's great on sax as well). Hunter continues to amaze; just check his nimble fretwork on "Plena for My Grundle." Listeners also get a chance to hear him hit the distortion and rock out (while still throwing down basslines!), as on "A-Frame" and "Delta Skelta." Of course, Moore plays great on the drum kit, and Dillon colors things nicely with his vibes, marimba, and other percussion goodies. Emphasizer is a great record by what's become a fantastic side project; let's hope that more is heard from these guys.


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